Clinical Guide To Transfusion

Canadian Blood Services is continuing to revise various chapters of the current Clinical Guide to Transfusion, as an "on-line edition". Several chapters have been updated so far, and are now posted. We expect to be updating many of the chapters over the next months. All revisions will be made available in .pdf format.

The authors of the various sections of the Guide are experts in their fields of endeavour. They have provided an excellent and very practical summary of our current knowledge of blood components and transfusion medicine practices. In the on-line edition, this information has been updated. We hope you find their contributions to be clear and useful. Above all, we trust that this Guide will help to increase safety for those Canadians who require blood products and add confidence for those who provide services. Gwen Clarke & Sophie Chargé, editors

Important Information - Disclaimer

This material is an educational tool providing guidelines for the care of patients. These recommendations should thus not be applied rigidly, since they could result in some patients receiving unnecessary transfusions or experiencing adverse effects from under-transfusion.

The guidelines are mainly for ADULT patients and may not necessarily apply to the treatment of children.

The recommendations do not replace the need in some cases to consult an expert in Transfusion Medicine to provide optimal patient care. 

Please tell us what you think about the Clinical Guide to Transfusion. Your opinion, suggestions
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Printed copies of the on-line version of the Clinical Guide to Transfusion will NOT be provided at this time.
Chapters can be down-loaded and printed for private use/study or educational purposes.



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Chapters Title Date Updated PDF
  Cover Page  
1 Vein to Vein: A summary of Blood Collection and Transfusion in Canada April 2011
2 Blood Components March 2013
3 Albumin May 2015
4 Under revision - Immune Globulin Products    
5 Coagulation Factor Concentrates
Table 1 (PDF)
Table 4 (PDF)
April 2016
6 Donor Selection, Transmissible Disease Testing and Pathogen Reduction August 2015
7 Fractionated Blood Products and Pathogen Reduction  May 2011
8 Pre-transfusion Testing February 2014
9 Under Revision - Blood Administration    
10 Adverse Reactions May 2011
11 Emergency Transfusion July 2014

Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn and Perinatal Immune Thrombocytopenia
Table 1 (PDF)
Table 2 (PDF)

Jan 2015
13 Neonatal and Pediatric Transfusion  January 2014
14 Therapeutic Apheresis March 2014
15 CMV Seronegative, Irradiated and Washed Blood Components April 2011
16 Preoperative Autologous Donation June 2013
17 Hemostatic Disorders March 2016
18 Under revision - Platelet Transfusion, Alloimmunization and Management of Platelet Refractoriness    



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